A house full of history, with an attention to detail that invites you to feel its present and its very long past...

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Casa Campana

Casa Campana rests on a piece of land inhabited for thousands of years by many different peoples and cultures.

You'll notice a church in the background behind Casa Campana's roof terrace in the above photo. Before it became a church it was an Arabic fortress, and before that a Roman temple!


Well, as you can see in the photo below, Arcos de la Frontera enjoys a dramatic clifftop location. This privileged position used to make it practically impenetrable for the enemy, and so it was an excellent base for occupying tribes over millenia.

As to the origins of the house, they go so far back in time that we can't date its construction with any certainty. What we can say is that two ancient Arabic cisterns found below the ground floor take us back to before the 14th century and perhaps as far distant as the 8th.

Clever Moorish influence is everywhere you look in the old quarter of Arcos de la Frontera. For example, the narrow street outside the house serves to funnel breezes and provide shade in the hotter months (see photo below).

Similarly, a cool patio welcomes you as you step inside Casa Campana. Its floor tiles are around 2000 years old and they may have originally graced a Roman building which once stood about 50 metres from here. Also in the patio is an inlaid Roman memorial stone, shown in the photo below, complete with an inscription.

Of course, the house has undergone much modernisation over the years, and particularly recently since opening its doors to the public.

Let's take a look at the guest accommodation!

On the ground floor:

SUPERIOR DOUBLE ROOM with private bathroom
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QUADRUPLE ROOM with private bathroom
[maximum 4 people]

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On the first floor:

APARTMENT with private bathroom
[maximum 5 people]

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On the roof terrace:

DOUBLE ROOM with private bathroom

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DOUBLE/TWIN ROOM with private bathroom
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And finally.. some of the views from the rooftop terrace: